Claddagh Wedding Ring, Custom Gemstone Claddagh Wedding Rings In Gold Or Sterling Silver

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Claddagh Wedding Ring

Custom Claddagh Wedding Rings With Diamonds

Custom Made In 14k or 18k White Or Yellow Gold With Gemstones Of Your Choice

The RG141 ring design is a perfect choice for a claddagh wedding ring. It is not just the beauty and craftsmanship of a Kaisilver claddagh wedding ring that make it ideally suited for the occassion. There are a number of reasons for the Irish claddagh ring gaining popularity as a wedding ring. The most interesting aspect of the Claddagh wedding ring is that, the ring is today widely accepted as a wedding ring even in countries far off from Ireland. The deeper meaning and significance of this Irish ring is getting to be more relevant today. Your claddagh wedding ring with it's message of love, friendship and loyalty, captures the very essence of married life. Another very good thing about a claddagh wedding ring is that, the meaning is in the features of the ring and not the price tag. You can therefore wear a gold or sterling silver claddagh wedding ring, both would have the same level of meaning and significance.

Kaisilver creates the world's best rendition of the Irish claddagh ring and an intense research into the history and tradition of the ring, has provided valuable inputs to enable us enhance the meaning and significance of the ring. Our team of experts spent several months researching the origins of this ring and were emotionally impressed when, they learnt of the harsh conditions in which the first claddagh ring was made. The team also studied the relevance and importance of claddagh wedding rings. Your ring can be ordered as an 18k or 14k claddagh wedding ring with any gemstone of your choice. The option for white or yellow gold and the two tone gold option is also provided at no additional charge. The diamonds in the crown of your claddagh wedding ring are optional. The crown can be left plain with no diamonds or, you could choose to replace the diamonds with any other gemstones of your choice. The gemstone in the RG141 claddagh wedding ring adds beauty to the ring but, choosing a birth stone for the center also enhances the meaning of this stunning wedding ring.

Claddagh wedding ring with diamond
Upgraded: The specifications of the Kaisilver claddagh wedding ring have been upgraded. Your claddagh ring will now weigh a healthy 8 to 10 grams, this enhances the durability of the ring and also provides better mounting for the gemstone and diamonds in the ring. Since the ring is fully custom made, you can select the gemstone of your choice for the claddagh wedding ring. Yellow gold and white gold options are available. The diamonds in the crown of the RG141 claddagh wedding ring are optional and can also be replaced with other gemstones of your choice.

An engagement or wedding is a special occassion and most people would not want to make any compromise in the ring used to symbolize this important event. We realize how much your claddagh wedding ring means to you and therefore provide complete customization for all our jewelry. These claddagh wedding rings are available in all sizes as your ring is custom made just for you. These are not pre-made jewels that are hurriedly adjusted for size and gemstone and then rushed through overnight delivery. The rings are not mass produced and each ring is fully attended to by some of the world's finest craftsmen.

The RG141 wedding claddagh ring is a custom claddagh ring with a center heart shaped gemstone, the gemstone size can be 6mm or 7mm. The image shown here, is of a claddagh wedding ring with a good quality amethyst gemstone but, you can ofcourse choose the gemstone of your choice for your ring. The tables below show the gemstone options for the ring and if you need a gemstone not mentioned here, please email us with details of your requirement and we will procure and custom cut the gem stone for you. Since this is a special occassion ring, we have included 3 genuine diamonds in the crown. The diamonds are round in shape and include 1 piece of size 2.5mm and 2 pieces of size 1.5mm. You can choose to exclude the diamonds from your claddagh wedding ring, or replace the diamonds with any other gemstone of your choice.

A wedding or an engagement is a special moment in our life. It is a commitment to stay together and a solid statement of love. It is then no surprise that the search for the perfect wedding or engagement ring takes a long time. The beauty of the gemstone, the quality of craftsmanship the durability of the ring are all taken into consideration. Hundreds of designs are evaluated before choosing the right one. In todays world it also involves working out the best equation between quality, design and price. Once you know the true meaning and significance of this Irish ring, you will agree that the Kaisilver claddagh wedding ring should be one of your favourite choices for a wedding or engagement ring.

The Claddagh Wedding Ring, A Perfect Choice For You
It is the tremendous dedication and perseverence with which the first Claddagh ring was made that makes this ring so special. To fully understand why the claddagh wedding ring would be perfect for you, we will need to explain the origin and significance of this ring. It is believed that the first Claddagh ring was made more than 300 years ago by an Irish fisherman by the name of Robert Joyce. The young man was sailing in a fishing boat that was attacked on the high seas by pirates. It was very common in those days for captives to be sold as slaves and young Robert was sold to a wealthy goldsmith.

Robert Joyce worked hard for the goldsmith and learnt the trade from him. Despite the harsh conditions and hard work, young Robert never forget his beloved who lived in the tiny Irish village of Claddagh. He started making a gold ring for her and hoped to give it to her once he was freed from salvery. The ring was made with devotion and sacrifice and was finally completed a few months before Robert was released from salvery. He returned home to his home in the Claddagh village and presented the ring to his beloved. The couple were soon married and the ring came to be known as the now legendary claddagh ring. The ring got it's name from the tiny fishing village where Robert Joyce and his beloved lived, the village was called Claddagh.

Marriage is a solemn promise between two individuals to spend the rest of their lives together. Tolerance, loyalty, love, perseverence and dedication are absolutely essential for any marriage to succeed. The Claddagh ring with it's touching and meaningful origin symbolizes these very qualities and is therefore a perfect choice for a wedding ring. Your claddagh wedding ring will act like a binding force that keeps you and your spouse together through good times and bad.

diamond claddagh wedding ring

The Meaning Of Claddagh Wedding Rings
The features of this historic ring have made the Claddagh wedding ring extremely popular to people of all nationalities, religions and nations. The image of the Claddagh ring shows a center heart with a crown placed on the heart, you will also notice the two hands holding the heart. The heart in the ring shows love and this love could be between mother and child, or between close friends and also between husband and wife. It is important to understand that, the interpretation of love in this context is not limited to matrimonial relationships alone. The crown on the heart signifies sincere loyalty, decades ago this would mean loyalty to the throne (ruler) but, in todays world it implies loyalty between two individuals. Claddagh wedding rings become extremely relevant as wedding rings in the context of loyalty as, a wedding is supposed to be a life time commitment between two individuals to stay together. The two hands clasping the heart are also equally important as they symbolize, friendship and togetherness and marriage as an institution, lays great emphasis on the couple staying together through good times and bad.

Why Buy Kaisilver Claddagh Rings?
All features retained: Our claddagh wedding rings retain all the features of the original claddagh ring made more than 300 years ago. The crown, hands and heart are essential for a ring to be called a claddagh ring and we have made sure that these features are kept intact. You will also notice the celtic design on the band of our rings and this is common to most Irish claddagh rings. However, if you wish to exclude or modify some of these features in your claddagh wedding ring we can do it without a problem. This is because each piece is individually crafted by skilled craftsmen and not mass produced.

Enhanced meaning and significance: The claddagh ring has tremendous meaning and significance and it is easy to understand why this ring is regarded as one of history's most meaningful jewels. We have enhanced the significance of this ring by setting a gemstone in the center heart and providing an unlimited choice of gemstones for this. You can therefore set a birthstone in your claddagh wedding ring and increase the significance of the ring. In the case of a claddagh wedding ring, we have provided the option to add few small diamonds to the crown and this makes the ring appear truly gorgeous and special.

Researched design: The popularity of the claddagh ring is mainly due to the meaning of the ring. It is therefore necessary that the source you procure your ring from has complete knowledge about the history and background of this ring. A team of Kaisilver experts spent several months studying this ring and the information collected is used to design and make each of our claddagh rings. The design of the Kaisilver claddagh wedding ring also provides a good gold weight and this ensures that the ring does not bend and dent easily. The gemstone has it's entire rim bordered with metal thus protecting it from side impact. Prong settings for gemstones save gold weight but the prongs tend to stick in clothes and other places. This causes them to slowly loosen up and you could risk losing your gemstone (it could drop off the mounting).

Highend craftsmanship: These claddagh wedding rings are not mass produced and each ring is worked on by a team of skilled craftsmen and artisans. Notice the artistic details on the fingers and band of this gorgeous ring. Most jewelry providers do only one quality check at the last phase of production before shipping the merchandise. At Kaisilver, the jewels pass through strict quality checks at every phase of production and processes are redone until the quality level is reached. This process is much slower as compared to hastily mass produced jewels, but is also the only way that true high end jewels can be made. With thorough knowledge of the meaning and history of the Irish claddagh ring, our craftsmen provide intense attention to every single detail. Over 3,500 skilled craftsmen and artisans work on all our jewelry and are guided by 7 top notch designers drawn from 5 nations. It is true that a claddagh wedding ring can be only as good as the jeweler who makes it, Kaisilver is the most preferred source for high quality claddagh rings.

Fully customizable: This is one of the most important features of our wedding claddagh ring and infact, all Kaisilver jewelry. Few of us would want to compromise on anything when it comes to a special occassion ring like a wedding ring. We realize this and have ensured that you can request for just about any change in design that you fancy. To start with, you can order a yellow or white gold claddagh wedding ring and decide whether 14k or 18k gold is good for you. With direct and preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones, you can request for just about any gemstone that you wish. Our gemstone experts will handpick and custom cut the gemstone for your ring. There are a few variations of the claddagh ring that you might want to consider, this could include excluding the crown from the ring. The diamonds in the crown of your claddagh wedding are also optional and you might want to replace the diamonds in the crown with some other gemstones or, just leave the ring with no diamonds in the crown at all.

Guidance from experts: There is a very old saying regarding buying jewelry and it holds good to this day '.......value the jeweller before you value the jewelry'. When you email us your requirements, queries or doubts you will be suprised at the detailed information we provide to all requests. You will not be pushed into making an impulse purchase as that is beneficial to neither you nor us in the long run. Just send us all your questions at and our team of experts will guide you and work with you rather than bombard you with high power sales talk. We infact do not hire sales staff and provide all support through a professional team of craftsmen, designers and artisans.

Claddagh Ring, Ideal For All Occassions
The Claddagh ring has today become very popular as a wedding ring and the popularity of this ring has spread to countries far off from Ireland (where it originated). The fact is that, the ring is suitable for almost every occassion that you can think of. The meaning of the ring makes it suitable for an engagement or valentine's ring too. You could wear a ring for casual wear or gift one to a close friend. With a prominent center gemstone, a claddagh birthstone ring would also be an excellent idea and the complete range of gemstone options that we offer works to your advantage. You can also gift a claddagh ring as a mothers day ring and further enhance the meaning of the ring by adding your mother's birthstone to it.

Your claddagh ring need not always be a claddagh engagement ring or a claddagh wedding ring. The beauty, meaning and classic craftsmanship of our claddagh ring make it suitable for all occassions. Order it as a mothers day ring and make it one of the most memorable mothers day gifts ever given. If it is your anniversary then select the gemstone of your choice and order it as an anniversary claddagh ring. The heart shaped gemstone along with the deeper meaning of this ring also make it a favourite for a valentines ring.

Birthstone And Zodiac Sign Information
Month Born Zodiac Sign Birthstone
January Birthstone Capricorn Garnet
February Birthstone Aquarius Amethyst
March Birthstone Pisces Aquamarine
April Birthstone Aries Diamond Or White Zircon
May Birthstone Taurus Emerald
June Birthstone Gemini Pearl
July Birthstone Cancer Ruby
August Birthstone Leo Peridot
September Birthstone Virgo Sapphire
October Birthstone Libra Opal
November Birthstone Scorpio Citrine or Topaz
December Birthstone Sagittarius Turquoise

It has been believed since many decades that a gemstone represents every month of the year in which a person is born. Wearing a jewel with your birthstone is believed to bring you good health, wealth and fortune. You can refer to the above birth stone charts and choose the birthstone of your choice. All gemstones will be handpicked and custom cut by our skilled craftsmen and you can take the advice of our experts if you have any doubts or queries.

The Claddagh Ring Story And Origin
It is not just the external beauty of the Kaisilver claddagh ring that will amaze you, the deeper meaning of this historic jewel adds tremendous significance to this ring. The origins of the Irish claddagh ring takes us to a small fishing village in Ireland, the village was called Claddagh. Over 300 years ago there lived a young fisherman by the name of Robert Joyce in this small village. One day, Robert was sailing in a boat on the high seas, his boat was attacked by pirates and all the occupants sold as slaves. Slavery was rampant in those days and young Robert was sold to a wealthy goldsmith. Working under harsh conditions, he soon learnt the trade from his master.

Robert Joyce never forgot his beloved who lived in the Claddagh village and often dreamt of meeting her once again. He made a ring to symbolize his love for his beloved, and decided to give it to her once he was a free man. A few years later Robert Joyce was released from slavery and went back to his village. He presented the ring to his beloved and they were soon married. This is recorded in history as the first Claddagh ring and went on to become one of history's most meaningful jewels.

To fully understand the meaning of your Claddagh wedding ring, you need to know what each of the features on the ring mean. At the center of the ring is a heart shaped portion that is either solid metal or studded with a heart shaped gemstone. This heart stands for love and is held in two hands, the Claddagh ring is sometimes referred to as the 'hand and hearts ring'. The hands in the ring mean friendship and togetherness and the ring is also called the 'Irish friendship ring'. The crown on the heart signifies loyalty and centuries ago meant loyalty to the crown (king). However in today's context, it could be taken to mean loyalty between friends or family and loyalty between husband and wife.

The story of the claddagh ring spread to nations far away from Ireland and people came to respect the ring for what it meant and also the difficult conditions under which the first Claddagh ring was made. The ring makes a perfect wedding or engagement ring as the very essence of these occassions is to bring togetherness and instill loyalty between two individuals.

The gemstone for your claddagh wedding ring can be a 6mm or 7mm heart shaped gemstone. All gems are handpicked and custom cut by our experts. The prices quoted include the diamond option, where 2 round diamonds of size 1.5mm round and 1 round diamond of size 2.5mm are set in the crown. If you would like to include the diamonds please add another 150 U.S$ to the prices mentioned below. The two tone gold option where, white gold and yellow gold are combined in the same ring is provided at no additional charge.

Pricing And Gem Options For The Claddagh Rings

Kaisilver claddagh citrine ring
Please send us your questions and doubts at and we will provide complete answers and explanations to ensure that you make a well informed decision.

White gold and yellow gold is priced the same. In the case of sterling silver jewelry, no rhodium or other plating is done. While gold or rhodium plating can be provided for silver jewelry at no additional charge, please remember that all plating will wear off with time. Both silver and gold jewelry has the same high end craftsmanship. Our team of experts will let you know if your ring size requires a weight that is more than mentioned.

Please send us your questions and doubts at and we will provide complete answers and explanations to ensure that you make a well informed decision.

Claddagh Ring Without Diamonds
Amethyst Claddagh Ring
The original claddagh ring made more than 300 years ago did not have any diamonds in the crown. Kaisilver has enhanced the meaning and beauty of this legendary ring and allowed the option to choose diamonds for the crown. You can order your claddagh wedding ring with or without diamonds in the crown and select the gemstone of your choice. ... click for more.

Claddagh Ruby Gemstone Ring
White Gold Ruby Claddagh Ring
The ruby gemstone is a very popular choice for all wedding rings and not just for claddagh wedding rings. In the case of gemstones like ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite different grades can be selected and prices vary accordingly. You can choose the grade of gemstone depending on the budget. ... click for more.

Sterling Silver Claddagh Rings
silver claddagh rings
It is important to understand that, the meaning or significance of the claddagh ring does not diminish if it is made in sterling silver. Kaisilver is the only jeweller to provide high end claddagh rings in both sterling silver and gold. The wide range of gemstone options is also available for silver claddagh rings. ... click for more.

Sturdy Claddagh Rings For Men
Custom Man Claddagh Ring
The claddagh ring can also be worn by men and we have a special version of this ring that is ideally suited for men. The men's claddagh ring gives equal emphasis to good looks, good craftsmanship and longterm durability. The gemstone size for the male claddagh ring is 8mm and above and we have ensured that good gold weight is provided for all ring sizes. ... click for more

Pink Tourmaline Claddagh Ring
wedding claddagh ring with pink tourmaline
Claddagh wedding ring with pink tourmaline gemstone. If you are looking for 14k or 18k wedding claddagh rings with pink gems, pink tourmaline is a good choice. Other pink gems for your claddagh wedding ring could be a kunzite, pink morganite gemstone or pink sapphire gemstone. ... click for more

Who Is Kaisilver?
With over 6,000 buyers in 17 nations, Kaisilver is the world's leading provider of online custom jewelry. Our buyers include fashion models, news readers, hotel and resort owners, members of the U.S and U.K armed forces, business professionals and doctors. Over 3,500 craftsmen and artisans work on all our jewelry orders creating high quality customized jewelry that involves an immense amount of skilled craftsmanship. Kaisilver jewelry gives equal emphasis to good material, good design, good looks, good craftsmanship and longterm durability.

With direct and preferential access to prominent gemstone resources in 5 nations, we work with a gigantic gemstone base of over 200 million carats of gemstones. Every gemstone is handpicked and custom cut by our experts and we do not indulge in gimmicks like 'close outs' and 'blow outs' where, low grade gems are loosely mounted in flimsy lightweight gold settings.

All our jewellery is custom made in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. You can choose from yellow or white gold and all gem stone options are available. Since each piece is individually made, all design modifications are available. You can even send us images of your favourite designs to be custom made.

Some Kaisilver Buyer Testimonials
Buyer Comment .....yes we did receive the ring a few days ago and just want to let you know that we are both extremely pleased with the ring, it's great the craftsmanship is excellent and it actually is better than we expected, thank you so much. David & Terri Henderson, Sydney Australia.

Wow!!! Pendant looks even better than I imagined. Stone work is beautiful and the cross is more beautiful than the design I submitted initially to develop the piece. I appreciate the timely replies and expert advice turning my idea into a wonderful piece of jewelry. My wife is going to be very pleased with this family pendant.(Mr William Padgett, Leonardtown, MD) You my use my comments. Padgett, William S. CDR NHC PaxRiver NAS, U.S.A

I am SO very pleased with the quality, beauty and extremely reasonable cost the ring I puchased for my fiance. I'm sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, but I am a busy woman, which made dealing with your company so conveinient for me. Your correspondence was greatly appreciated, and I must say, people who see the man04 ring are dazzled by it's beauty. You have a lifetime customer. God bless all of you! Pamela Adams, USA

I have the ring on my finger as I write this :) This ring is the best, I am totally overwhelmed and ecstatic at the sheer magnificence of this ring, it is unquestionably the most beautiful piece of jewellery I have seen, the colors are outstanding, it is a direct copy as per specifications, a very big thankyou to the entire team at Kaisilver, a job well done. I would not hesitate to buy jewellery online again however it would only be from Kaisilver, why would I go elsewhere? Once again thank-you sooooooo much. Kind Regards & Warm Smlies from Mr.Sean Quigley, Melbourne, Australia.

Click Here To Read More Feedback From Our Buyers

Ordering Your Claddagh Wedding Rings Or Other Jewelry
When you shop at our website, you will be surprised at the comfortable pace at which we allow you to proceed to finalise the order. There is no high pitched sales talk and emphasis is put on guidance rather than order confirmation or profit margins. You are not presented with a standard catalog to make your choice from and each jewel is personalized to your needs, budget and specifications. When you have a query or doubt, you get honest and straightforward answers from real jewelry experts who are real humans and very keen to clear your queries.

If you have any queries or doubts please email us at and we will be glad to answer all your doubts. It does not matter whether the final order comes to us or not. This is the way that we prefer to do business as it helps us bring back the human touch to online selling.

Shipping charges are 25 U.S$ and shipping will be within 4 to 5 weeks of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We need this time due to the immense amount of hand work involved in finishing each ring. All gemstones and diamonds are hand picked by experts and every gemstone is custom cut by highly skilled craftsmen. Kaisilver follows some of the strictest quality control standards and each jewel is a true high end masterpiece.

Payment can be made through Paypal to our email for paypal INFO@KAISILVER.COM and you can register for a free paypal account at In recent months many buyers have complained regarding the huge amounts of information that paypal needs to open a new account. To handle this issue, we also accept payments through Western Union Money Transfer. Their website provides information regarding Western Union Agents near you and also accepts online payments from few countries like U.S and U.K. You can visit the website at

In most cases, your bank would also help you with Western Union Money Transfers. Do let us know if you prefer Western Union as a mode of payment and we will provide you with details for the same. If you choose Western Union Money Transfer, our staff will let you know of any special offers that we have open at that point of time for payments received through Western Union Money Transfers.

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More About Kaisilver Claddagh Wedding Rings
Kaisilver claddagh wedding rings are available for ladies and men. The claddagh wedding ring for men has a much higher weight as compared to the lady's ring. The gemstone in the male claddagh wedding ring should ideally be around 8mm to 10mm heart shape and this will help increase the overall dimensions of the ring too. The idea of setting a birthstone in your claddagh wedding ring is a good idea and if you go for a pair of wedding rings (for the husband and wife), you can consider exchanging birthstones in the rings. Since each ring is fully custom made, we can offer a unique design that few other jewellers can match. This design combines two gemstones (which can be birthstones) into a single heart shape. Skilled craftsmen handpick and skillfully cut the two gems which will form a complete heart shape when they are placed together. With this unique design the male and female ring will have both the birthstones set in their rings.

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