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Colored Diamonds, Pay For What You Get 

Understand Pricing For Treated And Natural Colored Diamonds

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Diamonds have always been preferred in the conventional white color. Infact when it comes to white (colorless) diamonds every diamond buyer hopes to get as close to 'pure white' as possible. The fashion industry is often impressed with things that are not so conventionaly, this can be seen in the increase in demand for colored diamonds. Designers and diamond jewelry manufacturers are increasingly offering diamond jewelry with yellow, brown, black, green, blue and even pink and red diamonds.

Most of the diamonds that are mined are in the white color, off white diamonds which do not fit the 'pure white' color definition are graded lower than absolutely white diamonds. A small fraction of diamonds are found in colors other than white, the color is due to the presence of certain trace elements that are naturally present in the diamond. You need to clearly read the term 'naturally present', as diamond experts have devised other methods to impart color to diamonds, we will come to that in a moment. Natural color diamonds are very expensive, if you had to compare them with white diamonds of the same clarity and cut - a colored diamond could cost as much as 40% to 70% more than a white diamond. Good quality natural color diamonds, get to be even more scarce if you look above the 1 carat size.

You can understand just how rare colored diamonds are by the fact that, even serious diamond jewelry buyers are willing to accept a few flaws in the (colored) diamonds that they purchase. The interesting and impressive thing about color diamonds is that, a good design could be created with no colored gemstones at all. The diamonds then take center stage and bask in their own beauty.

We just mentioned that colored diamonds that are naturally colored are very expensive, so what about the rest of us. Since early 2002, it has become possible to buy colored diamond jewelry at fairly moderate prices. But in this case, the diamonds get their color by special treatments applied to them. For our discussion, we will refer to this category of colored diamonds as treated colored diamonds. You will now not confuse them with diamonds that have a color naturally. Since these colored diamonds are actually white or near white diamonds to begin with, they are obviously not as rare as natural colored diamonds.

The diamonds that are selected to be treated for color enhancement, are obviously not of the finest quality. Diamond laboratories, try to increase the value of a diamond by treating it for the color change. To begin with, white diamonds that have some flaw in the color are used to produce colored diamonds. Treated colored diamonds are sometimes produced with rather dark colors, dark brown, dark blue or dark green are examples of such colored diamonds. There is an interesting fact about choosing diamonds to make specific color diamonds. When a diamond has a higher degree of clarity flaws, treating it to a different but pale color, would still leave the clarity flaws quite visible. Diamond color treating laboratories, cleverly select and classify diamonds before beginning the treatment. When clarity is an issue with the original diamonds, the ideal decision would be to change the diamonds to a dark color. Darker colored diamonds will also mean reduced visibility for the flaws in the stone.

So what about the pricing for treated colored diamonds, let us discuss some related issues. Diamonds are not cheap, so treated colored diamonds are not cheap too but there is some good news here. The price of treated color diamonds, would generally be cheaper than white diamonds of the same clarity, cut and size. So if you wanted to use 2.5mm round yellow diamonds accent stones for your ring - treated yellow diamonds would be cheaper than naturally occuring yellow diamonds. The imporant thing is the your jeweler should clearly inform you that, he plans to use treated color diamonds for your jewel. If you plan to use treated dark blue, dark green of even brown diamonds for your jewel - prices would be even more attractive. Just keep in mind that, in general treated dark color diamonds use diamonds that have a fair degree of clarity flaws.

The support team at Kaisilver is often asked whether, treated colored diamonds are good. We will reply to the question 'are treated colored diamonds good' by making a few comments. Firstly, treated color diamonds are natural diamonds that have been enhanced for color by man. Highly sophisticated technics backed by intense research, make the color of treated diamonds stable. We have ot yet come across treated colored diamonds that have faded or changed color over time. If you have a big budget, to accomodate naturally colored diamonds, go for those by all means. At the same time, treated color diamonds come as a blessing, for a large number of diamond jewelry lovers who wish to have colored diamonds but cannot afford the price of natural color diamonds.

What about the testing of diamonds to identify treated color diamonds. In an ideal situation, the jeweler is expected to inform the buyer regarding the use (if any) of treated color diamonds. Sadly, it is not uncommon for jewelers to hide this fact from the buyer - this brings up the topic of testing colored diamonds. Let us take this discussion in two steps, the first relates to the technical feasibility of testing diamonds. There was a time before the year 2002 when laboratories could not test and clearly identify some specific, treatments used to change the color of diamonds. However this is not the case now and any reputed gem and diamond testing center, should be able to accurately identify, a treated color diamond. There is something important that needs to be considered here. If you are looking at a colored diamond, supported by a laboratory certificate that is dated prior to the years 2002-2003, it would be a good idea to have a fresh certification done on the diamond.

Now let us talk about the financial expenditure involved in testing a diamond. Reputed gem testing laboratories, normally charge around 75 U.S$ to even 200 U.S$ for a full diamond test. Keep in mind that this price is per piece, so the amount paid could add up to a substantial amount. Also note, that most testing services, offer various 'levels' of diamond and gem stone testing. For example, you might get a cheap 50 U.S$ service that only identifies natural and manmade diamonds. In this case, a treated color diamond would be certified as a 'natural' diamond. But if you wanted to be sure that the color in the diamond was natural and not brought about by any treatment - you will need to pay more for the certification service. If you had a colored diamond ring with just two 3mm round diamonds, a thorough test report could cost you more than the diamonds! Our honest advice would be for you to, choose a reputed jeweler to work with.  

At Kaisilver we can provide you the diamond of your choice. When you order jewelry that has diamonds from us, specify the diamond color choice too. Our support experts will guide you with a comparitive price quote of natural color diamonds, and colored diamonds that have been treated for color enhancement.

 The above report tries to cover the most important issues related to colored diamonds. We do not expect to make you a diamond or jewelry expert after reading this report but, would be glad if you have gained just little more by way of awareness and knowledge. More specific queries and doubts can be addressed to our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com We will be glad to assist you even, if you buy nothing from us. There are thousands of jewelers wooing buyers but, almost no other jeweler provides the kind of clear and honest information and advice that we at Kaisilver do.

Kaisilver can custom make all diamond rings and other jewelry, in 14k or 18k gold. We can infact custom make silver or gold diamond jewelry with all design modifications. The designs for yourt rings and other gem stone jewelry can be yours or ours. We procure all diamonds and gems from the miners and custom cut the gems ourselves. This will not only reduce multiple commissions through multiple middlemen but, also ensure that you get natural diamonds and not factory made substitutes. Our support team can be contacted at sales@kaisilver.com with any questions or requirements that you might have.

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