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14K Gold Or 18K Gold Which Is Better. Tips On Selecting Gold.
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18K Gold Is Not Always Better Than 14K Gold

Generally There Are Two Main Factors That Come To Mind When Making The Choice Between 14K Gold And 18K Gold For Your Custom Made Jewelry. The Buyer Looks At The Budget That Would Be Set Aside For The Jewelry Being Custom Made. 14K Gold Is Ofcourse Cheaper Than 18K Gold. The Seller Looks At Margins And Naturally The Ease Of Creating The Jewelry Ordered. 18K Gold Is Softer Than 14K Gold And Is Therefore Easier To Handle In Jewellery Making. 18K Also Provides The Seller With A Better Profit Margin. Both These Ideas Seem Logical When Seen In Their Own Perspective, However There Are Times When 14K Gold Is More Suitable As Compared To 18K Gold, This Is Irrespective Of The Buyer Budget Limit And The Fact That The Seller Would Get A Smaller Margin And Would Require To Work A Bit Harder For The Money He Gets.

Stay Within Your Budget
This Sounds Very Obvious, But It Is Easy To Get Carried Away When Selecting Jewelry. With So Many Gemstone, Diamond And Gold Options You May Soon Find Yourself Shooting Beyond Your Budget. For The Same Budget 14K Gold Would Give You Better Weight As Compared To 18K Gold. As 14K Gold Is Less Expensive The Jewelry Can Contain More Metal For The Same Budget. This Would Help Your Gold Keep In Better Shape.

Special Occassion Jewelry Or For Frequent Wear
If The Jewelry You Order Custom Made Is To Be Worn Very Often You Would Surely Want It To Be Strong And Sturdy. 14K Gold Is Harder Than 18K Gold And The Cheaper Price Would Also Ensure That You Get More Metal Weight For Your 14K Gold Jewelry. These Two Factors Would Keep Your Jewelry In Gold Shape For A Longer Time As Compared To The Much Softer 18K Gold. On The Other Hand If The Jewellery That Is Made To Order For You Is Rarely Worn Then 18K Gold Could Be Selected.

Jewelry For Men Or For Ladies
Nothing To Do With Gender Discrimination Here But Men Do More Rugged Jobs With Their Jewelry On As Compared To The Ladies. Even Going To Play A Game Of Golf Would Have An Effect On The Gold Ring You Wear. We Have Noticed Men Repairing Their Car With A Gorgeous Diamond Sapphire Ring On One Finger. This Signals Two Necessary Features Of Mens Gold Rings, The Rings Worn By Men Should Be Heavy To Stay In Shape And Also Hard. 14K Gold Is Ideal And Infact If Your Gents Ring Is For Daily Use We Would Suggest A Custom 10K Gold Ring For You, Or Just Stick To Sterling Silver. Ladies Generally Fuss About Their Jewelry And The Extra Care Always Helps The Jewelry Stay In Shape So 18K Gold Could Be Considered.

Number Of Gemstones And Diamonds
Gold Rings And Other Jewelry That Have A Large Number Of Gemstones And Diamonds Generally Use Prong Settings For The Gems. With Many Gemstones You Will Need The Prongs To Be Hard And Strong So That They Can Hold The Gems Firmly In Place. A Gold Ring With Soft Gold Like 18K Gold Could Gradually Cause The Prongs To Loosen Each Time It Brushes Against Your Garments Or Other Objects. What Really Happens Is That Since The Gold Is Softer Than 14K Gold It Actually 'Rubs Off' And Gradually Grows Thinner And Therefore Weaker. The Prongs Then Pry Open At The Smallest Excuse And Out Fall Your Favourite Gems And Diamonds. Also Since 18K Gold Is More Expensive As Compared To 14K Gold, The Metal Content In 18K Gold Jewellery Is Generally Quite Little Adding To The Ring Becoming Weak. So If Your Jewelry Has Many Gemstones And Diamonds Set In It, Choose 14K Gold As The Strength Will Ensure That The Gems Remain Firmly Set.

Consider All The Above Factors Before You Make Your Decision On Choosing 14K Gold Or 18K Gold For Your Made To Order Gold Rings And Jewelry. Armed With This Information You Can Make An Intelligent Choice And Not Be Swayed By Your Profit Hungry Jewelry Seller Either Online Or Offline. 18K Gold Is Not Always Better Than 14K Gold Even If You Have A Generous Budget.

What Is High End Jewelry
No Matter What Gold Choice You Make, There Should Be No Compromise On Design And Craftsmanship. A 14K Gold Can Become Bad And Dented In A Few Months If Your Jewelry Is Not Well Made. The Quality Of Gems And Diamonds Would Also Count In The End. Click Here To Read Our Special Section On What Is High End Jewellery. We Explain How Jewelry Should Be Valued And How Cheap Jewelry Would Soon Prove To Be More Expensive As Compared To Good High End Jewelry.

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