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Gemstone rings and jewelry with gems, both gold and sterling silver jewelry made to order. Fine craftsmanship and all design options. ... more.

Amethyst gem stone jewelry, amethyst rings in gold and silver. Options for medium and dark amehtyst gems for your custom amethyst jewelry.... more.

Jewelry with opal gems, white opal and fire opal gemstone rings. Options for white or yellow gold jewelry available in 14k and 18k gold.... more.

Wedding jewelry, made to order wedding band rings for men. Yellow or white gold wedding band rings, options for 14k or 18k mens jewelry... more.

Mens jewelry, custom jewelry for men in gold and 925 silver. Highend cufflinks with gems for men, your choice of design 14k and 18k cufflinks .... more.

Unique gold and silver jewelry made to order. Custom bloodstone ring in 14k or 18k gold. All Kaijewels jewelry can be produced in gold or silver .... more.

Full customization for all your jewelry requirements, allows you to choose big ring designs in silver or gold. Both plain and gem stone rings available. .... more.

Jewelry with meaning, fine craftsmanship and researched design for the historic claddagh ring. Diamond and gem stone claddagh wedding ring. .... more.

Made to order jewelry, your designs or ours. All jewelry with gems of your choice. Yellow and white gold jewelry, 925 silver jewelry is also available.... more.

Diamond jewelry, yellow or white gold diamond wedding rings and engagement rings with diamonds. Mens and ladies diamond jewelry made to order.... more.

Animal jewelry, animal rings like this cute silver cat ring with gem stone. Also gold animal jewelry made to order in 14k or 18k. Matching sets also available. .... more.

Gemstone jewelry, your designs or ours. Complete customization allows you to choose the design, metal, gem stone and dimensions of your choice. ... more.

Gold or silver pendants, yellow gold garnet pendant with large garnet gem stone. Custom made jewelry includes both ladies and gents gemstone or plain pendants. .... more.

Ruby jewelry, yellow or white gold ruby rings with diamonds. Both 14k and 18k ruby gem stone rings are custom made for ladies and men. Ruby gemstone rings for special occassions or casual wear. .... more.

925 sterling silver claddagh ring with red garnet gem stone. We provide good craftsmanship and all gem options for both gold and silver jewelry. .... more.

Antique jewelry, custom gold and silver antique style rings. Handpicked and custom cut gems for all our made to order jewelry in both gold and 925 silver. .... more.

Irish celtic jewelry, the historic claddagh celtic ring in gold or silver. Both gem stone and plain claddagh rings available for men and ladies. .... more.

Jewelry value, understand the true meaning of highend custom jewelry. Merely comparing the price tags on jewelry will not give you the true picture. .... more.

Ruby gold ring, 14k and 18k ruby gold rings. Custom ruby gem stone jewelry in yellow or white gold. All design modifications allowed. .... more.

Amethyst and topaz rings, yellow or white gold custom rings with blue topaz and aquamarine gemstones. Silver rings also custom made. .... more.

Diamond wedding jewelry, made to order jewelry with diamonds in yellow and white gold. 14k and 18k diamond jewelry custom made. .... more.

Vintage jewelry, classic gemstone jewelry with all gem stone options. Custom jewelry made in 14k or 18k gold. Silver and gold jewelry with same gemstone options and good craftsmanship. .... more.

Kunzite gemstone jewelry, gold or silver kunzite rings. Custom kunzite jewelry, kunzite gem stone rings made with your designs or ours. .... more.

Three gem stone rings, made to order multi gem stone jewelry. You can choose three different gems for your gold or silver ring with 3 gems. .... more.

A sleek green or pink tourmaline ring, elegant design supported an optimized metal weight. The RG233GT ring is custom made in gold or 925 silver ... more.  

Emerald jewelry, custom 14k white gold emerald diamond ring. Also available as an 18k gold ring with emerald gem stones. Both yellow and white gold emerald rings can be ordered. .... more.

Highend blue lapis ring. Large gem stone ring in 14k or 18k gold. Custom gemstone rings with gems of your choice. All jewelry is available in sterling silver too. .... more.

Three stone rings, with significance that often goes beyond mere beauty, a ring with three gems has always been popular. We give you some valuable tips related to 3 stone rings ... more.

.A gorgeous sapphire diamond ring wih a cushion blue sapphire gemstone. Available in gold and 925 silver, this custom sapphire ring is suitable for informal and formal wear, read all details ... more.

Big sapphire gem stone ring, custom sapphire jewelry in 14k or 18k gold. Your sapphire rings can also be ordered in white gold or yellow gold. .... more.

14k emerald jewelry, you can also request for an 18k emerald and diamond ring. Green emeralds look gorgeous in both yellow and white gold. .... more.

Mens amethyst gem stone ring. Custom rings for men in gold or sterling silver. All gems for your men's rings are handpicked and custom cut. .... more.

Ruby gem stone ring in yellow gold, this ruby diamond ring can also be ordered in white gold. Options for 14k or 18k jewelry are always available. .... more.

Gold or sterling silver amethyst diamond ring from Kaijewels. Custom made gem stone and diamond ring in yellow or white gold. You can also choose 14k or 18k amethyst gem stone rings. .... more.

Jewelry with meaning, understanding the history and tradition of jewelry. The claddagh ring history and meaning. History's most meaningful jewel. .... more.

Gold or sterling silver blue topaz gem stone cufflinks. These are custom cufflinks that can be ordered in gold or silver. 14k and 18k cufflinks are available. .... more.

Stunning gold rings with gemstones, since all jewelry is made from start to finish, your preferences are always given top priority. Both 14k and 18k rings ... more.

Mens diamond jewelry generally tends to be quite expensive. Kaisilver jewelry specialists present a durable, impressive and affordable diamond engagement ring for men ... more.

Get the true benefit of custom jewelry, high degree of customization ensures that your mothers ring is made exactly to your liking. The design, dimensions, gem stone and metal are decided by you ... more.

High end made to order gold and 925 silver jewelry. Handpicked and custom cut gems are used in all the custom jewelry that we produce ... more.

Another good example of how diamond jewelry for men need not be too expensive. Excellent design and durable construction, looks more expensive than it is  ... more.

Ruby gem stone jewelry, gems directly procured from miners and custom cut by our expert gem cutters. Yellow or white gold ruby gold rings ... more.

Researched designs makes it possible to produce a sleek and yet sturdy diamond engagement ring in yellow or white gold. Get full details ... more.

Complete control over the production processes allows us to create high quality gem stone jewelry. A wide network of gem stone resources supports our large jewelry production volume  ...more.

Designer jewelry with your designs or ours. A massive production base that includes over 3,500 skilled craftsmen is equipped and skilled to produce all types of jewelry in gold or 925 sterling silver .. more.

Ancient and antique style jewelry. Good research on the background and traditions of every jewel makes us the best source for such jewelry in silver or gold ... more.

Large and bold rings and other jewelry. Full customization allows us to cater to every aspect of your jewelry. Strict quality control checking at each stage ... more.

Multi gem stone jewelry, dimensions and metal can be chosen by you. Large silver or gold rings with multiple gems. ... more.

Kaisilver custom jewelry includes more than just rings for men and ladies. We also produce gem stone earrings in gold and sterling silver. ... more.

Custom made jewelry, essential resources for gem stone or plain jewelry ... more.

Men's diamond ring, a handsome and sturdy two tone diamond ring for men. Options for diamond size and diamond grade are provided for this custom diamond gold ring ... more.

Blue topaz pendant, gorgeous white or yellow gold topaz pendant with diamonds. This swiss blue or london blue or sky blue topaz gem stone pendant is available in gold or 925 sterling silver ... more.

Kaisilver bracelet, custom made iolite gem stone bracelet in 14k or 18k gold or sterling silver. All Kaisilver bracelets are custom made with the design, metal and gems of your choice. ... more.

Gorgeous antique style jade pendant, this custom jade pendant is made to order as a gold or 925 silver jade pendant. You can also choose from other gem options ... more.

Tanzanite diamond rings, one of the rarest gemstones set in a gold or 925 silver ring with diamonds. Introducing you to a fine luxury of custom tanzanite rings ... more.

Colored diamonds, understand the concept of natural and treated color diamonds. Are treated color diamonds good. How do the prices of enhanced color diamonds compare with natural colored diamonds ... more.

Yin yang jewelry has always been very popular, most ladies and mens yin yang rings are worn by people who understand the sigificance and meaning of yin yang. Check out an impressive ying yang ring ... more.

The above table lists some of the interesting jewelry presented on We custom make all jewelry in gold or silver with gemstones of your choice. You can select from our design and request for any design change that you need. We also welcome your queries and designs for custom made jewelry. Email us at with any doubts or questions that you might have. You are welcome to include images, photos or sketches to better explain your requirements.