Jewelry Value And Pricing Process At Kaisilver.

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Buyer Comment Everything I have received from Kaisilver has been of exceptional quality and exceeded my expectations. I would not consider buying gem stones anywhere else. The gifts, silk and ceramics are lovely and make wonderful treasures for yourself or as gifts. They have delighted my family and friends. The jewelry is of high quality and the designs unique. The pieces that I have had appraised here in the US have consistently appraised at well over twice what I have paid. I could not be happier with the merchandise or the service. The people at Kaisilver have gone out of their way time and again to assure my satisfaction. Ms.Carlean Moser, Georgia, U.S Click Here To Read More Feedback From Our Buyers

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(01) Is Kaisilver Jewelry Really Expensive?
(02) How Come Other Stores Can Sell Jewelry Much Cheaper?
(03) Do The Big Discount Stores Or Department Stores Get Cheaper Prices?

Read The Facts And You Will Be Stunned At Hearing The Truth.

How The Department Stores And Discount Stores Shop For Their Merchandise.

The Truth Right Here And Now: These So Called Big Stores Start Their Jewelry Purchases By Sending Or Appointing Buying Agents In Asia. These Agents Visit Numerous Jewelry Factories In Search Of Merchandise And Jewelry Designs. The Hunt Starts For Cheap Gemstones, These Would Generally Be Gemstones Of Inferior Grade And Cutting. To Be Honest, Very Often The Quality Of Rubies, Sapphires And Emeralds Are So Awful That They Could Be Called Gemstones Only Because Of Their Chemical Or Organic Composition. Then Starts The Bargaining For Stone Prices, The Emphasis Is On Cheap Prices, Quality Takes A Back Seat. The Asian Sellers Know That Price Is Of Paramount Importance And Put Out Their Worst Lots For These Buying Agents To Select. Though These Are Nothing But Cheap Rejects The Trade Has Coined A New Name For Such Low Quality Merchandise It Is Referred To As Close Out Or Blow Out Quality. The Deal Is Struck And Now Starts The Hunt For Cheap Jewelry.

The Hunt For Cheap Jewelry: Cheap Gemstones And Now Cheap Jewelry, More Like Adding Insult To Injury. These Buying Agents Will Now Visit Jewelry Factories To Make The Jewelry. Designs Are Scrutinised By The Thousands. Few Sample Designs Are Selected, The Manufacturer Is Expected To Make Samples, The Guidelines Are Clear Use As Less Gold As Possible. In Most Cases A Sample Is Rejected Only If The Gold Content Is More Than Expected. The Final Jewel Is A Cheap Piece Of Pressed Metal, The Skin Tight Gold Content Precariously Clutches The Gemstones And Worthless Diamonds. So Now The Buying Agent Has Done His Job. His Bonus And Compensation Depends Directly On The Cheapness Of The Merchandise That He Orders, Quality Is Not Quite Important. The Jewelry Design Is Expected To Cover Up Flaws In The Gemstones. Since The Total Emphasis Is On Price, Substandard Craftsmanship Rules The Day.

The Marketing Gimmick: Now It's Time To Capture The Attention Of Innocent Buyers. The Stores Leverage On Their Big Names And Start A Marketing Blitz. Flashy Catalogs T.V Shopping And Every Method Possible Is Used. A Gorgeous Sapphire Ring Would Actually Mean A Very Low Grade Almost Black Sapphire With Gold Just Enough To Go Around Your Finger Like A Wire. A Brilliant Ruby Ring In White Gold, Would Infact Be A Ruby Full Of Flaws, And A Piece Of White Gold Desperately Trying To Cover Up As Many Flaws As It Can On The Gemstone. This Marketing Campaign For Cheap Merchandise Is Little More Than Damage Control.

So What About The Buyer, Good Question, The Buyer Pays Around 2 To 3 Times The Cost For The Merchandise. The Marketing Blitz Almost Hypnotizes Him Into Believing That He Got A Great Deal. But Not For Long, With Frequent Wear Gemstones Start To Loosen Due To Insufficient Gold And Fall Off. When The Gemstones Come Off You Notice The Terrible Quality And Cheap Mounting. Or Your Finger Grows A Little Fatter Or Thinner And You Take The Ring To Yor Local Jeweller For A Re-size, The Jeweller Calmly Tells You That The Gold Content In The Ring Is Just Too Little To Work On And The Ring Cannot Stand The Ordeal Of Repairs And Modifications. Suddenly You Realize That Your Cheap Jewelry Was Cheap Only In The Short Run, In The Long Term You Would Need To Buy Another Ring As This Ring Gets Bent Out Of Shape, Has Gemstones Coming Off And Cannot Be Resized Or Repaired.

Jewelry Making At Kaisilver
No Close Out And Blow Out Gimmicks.

Design And Gold Weight.

The Design Is Made To Last, We Use All The Gold And Silver Weight That Will Be Needed To Make The Ring Durable. For A Gold Weight Comparison, Most Ladies Gold Rings Weigh Between 2.5 Grams To 5 Grams. At Kaisilver The Minimum Gold Weight For The Same Type Of Rings Is 6 Grams To 10 Grams. This Is A Good Gold Weight And Will Go A Long Way In Making Your Jewelry More Durable.

With This Good Gold Content, The Gemstones And Diamonds Remain Firmly Set. This Will Ensure That The Jewelry Stays In Good Shape For A Long Time To Come. The Good Gold Weight Also Makes The Jewelry More Tough To Withstand Modifications Of The Rings Or Other Jewelry. For Example Re-Sizing Would Be More Easy, Your Jeweller Will Have More Metal To Work On And Need Not Worry About Gemstones And Diamonds Falling Off With Every Small Shock Or Blow To The Jewelry. The Jewelry Becomes Easier To Maintain And Jewellers Will Generally Be More Willing To Work On Jewelry That Has Good Metal Content.

The Gemstones Are Another Important Issue. At Kaisilver We Work With The World's Largest Producers Of Gemstones. No Close Out And Blow Out Hunting For Us. We Buy The Rough Gemstones And Custom Cut All Our Gemstones. Master Craftsmen Handcut Every Gem And Strict Quality Checks Are Performed. Bad Stones Are Rejected Outright, We Do Not Use The Gold Mounting As A Cover Up For Defects In Gemstones. Infact Our Gem Cutting Unit And Quality Control For Gems Runs Independent Of The Jewelry Making Unit. The Quality Control Checks If The Gems Are Of Good Quality, We Do Not Even Bother To See If The Jewelry Mounting Would Actually Cover Up Gemstone Defects, Bad Gemstones Are Rejected Outright.

Another Area Where We Distinctly Differ From The Competetion Is In Craftsmanship. No Haphazard Work Is Done, Skilled Jewelry Craftsmen Work On Each And Every Jewel. In The Final Phase Every Jewel Whether Gold Or Silver Is Hand Finished To Perfection. The Final Product Is A High End Jewel With The Best Gemstones That Your Budget Can Have.

Coming To Marketing, We Leave This To Recommendations From Our Buyers. No Glossy Catalogs No Fast Talking Salesmen. All Our Efforts Are Spent In Procuring The Best Merchandise For What The Buyer Pays. Our Designers And Craftsmen Work With Buyers To Come Up With Solutions. The Policy Here Is To Understand And Fulfill Buyer Requirements. We Do Not Indulge In Huge Marketing Campaigns As We Would Then Have To Increase Our Overheads On The Merchandise We Sell. Buyers Pay For Gemstones And Jewelry And Should Not Be Forced Into Paying For Sleek Talking Sales Salesmen And Sales Brochures. Click Here To Read Some Feedback From Our Buyers

We Work For Our Buyers, We Need Not Please Our Bosses And Compromise On Quality. We Do Not Need To Use High Pressure Marketing To Bully Buyers Into Feeling That They Are Getting Value For Their Money. We Do Not Have To Please Our Shareholders In The Stock Exchange And Increase Sales At The Expense Of Building False Value Images Of Our Merchandise. After Having Read This You Will Realize That Kaisilver Is Not Expensive And Our Merchandise Is Priced Based On The Sheer Value Of Material Content No Frills And Fancy Overheads Are Added To The Price.

You Will Be Glad That You Read This Content. It Is Something That Other Jewelry Sellers Would Never Want You To Read. But Then Kaisilver Is More Than A Jewelry Seller, We Work With Buyers And Are On Your Side.

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