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Opal Ring

Gold Opal Gem Stone Rings, Custom Made

Available in 14k or 18k White or Yellow Gold With All Gem Stone Options

Opal rings with exquisite opal gem stones are fast becoming a fashion symbol. Opals rings with gems that exhibit hypnotic color flashes and rings with scintillating fire opal gem stones are in high demand. Kaisilver offers an unlimited range of opal gem stone rings, as every ring on our website can be ordered with all gem stone options including opals. The opal rings on this page can be made in white or yellow gold and have excellent craftsmanship. The opal gems used in our opal gold rings are procured directly from opal miners. After close inspection and selection, each opal gem stone is custom cut by some of the world's finest gemstone cutters.

It is important that you understand the nature and characteristics of the opal gem stone to ensure that your opal ring is worn and stored with sufficient precautions. The sheer beauty of the opal gem stone has made it a greatly sought after gem stone and sellers have pushed gem stone jewelry on buyers without providing complete information. It is true that most buyers would still wear opal gem stone rings even after knowing that, the gem stone itself is not very sturdy and durable. It is equally true that, a better understanding of the opal gem stone would help you experience a higher level of satisfaction and joy that comes with owning a stunning opal ring.

On this web page we present few of our high end rings with opal gem stones. However the truth is that, we provide an unlimited choice for opal rings. This is because, all the rings and other jewelry that you see on our website can be ordered with gem stones of your choice. If you have a design in mind to make your opal ring, email us the image and we will be glad to custom make it for you. In the same way, rings with the same designs as the opal gold rings shown here can be made with other gem stones if that is what you prefer.

The choice of a white gold opal ring or an opal ring in yellow gold, is something based on personal likes and dislikes. But when it comes to choosing between a 14k opal ring or an opal ring in 18k gold, remember that 14k gold is much harder as compared to 18k gold and will therefore make your ring more sturdy. We can however, provide 14k and 18k white or yellow gold options for your opal rings. Email us at sales@kaisilver.com with any queries that you might have. A team of Kaisilver designers and craftsmen answers all queries in simple and non-technical terms.

this opal ring with diamonds, is custom made in white gold or yellow gold
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The RG211 is a stunning opal ring in white gold. The center opal gem stone is a white opal with gorgeous color play of predomninantly green tones, but a few flashes of blue can also be observed. This is a rare attempt to design a white opal ring in white gold and the result as you can see, is truly breathtaking. Like all other Kaisilver jewelry, this opal ring is also fully custom made and you can therefore select any gem stone of your choice for the center. Opal rings with this type of a design would look equally good with a fire opal center gem stone or a white opal gem. You can order your opal ring in white gold or yellow gold and 14k or 18k gold options are available. The diamonds that are set on either side of the opal gem stone add glitter to the ring and are of a fairly good size at 2.5mm round.

This yellow or white gold opal ring with diamonds, has a good gold weight that is proportional to the ring size and the added durability that this good weight provides is all the more important for a gem stone like an opal. You could reduce the price tag of this opal gem stone ring by replacing the diamonds with any other gem stone of your choice. White sapphires are a good choice to replace the diamonds as they are almost as hard as diamonds and cost much less.

The ancient Irish claddagh ring with opal gemstone
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The RG151 opal ring brings together the beauty of the opal gem stone and one of history's most meaningful jewels. The Irish claddagh ring is an ancient jewel with a history that dates back to over 300 years. The ring is ideally suited for a wedding ring, an engagement ring, a birth stone ring or even as a ring for mother's day. For those of you who have the opal gem stone as a birth stone, an Irish claddagh opal ring with a white opal or fire opal gem stone would be a good choice. If you would like to order your Irish ring with an opal gemstone as a special occassion ring (for a wedding or engagement ring), you can choose the option to add genuine diamonds in the crown.

Kaisilver creates the world's best rendition of the Irish claddagh ring and each ring is individually worked on by some of the finest craftsmen. 14k and 18k Claddagh rings are available in both white and yellow gold with all gem stone options. The Irish claddagh ring is available for both men and ladies and the men's ring is much larger and looks more robust than the lady's ring.

man opal gem stone ring
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It is not very often that you come across an opal ring for men. What is even more rare is a male ring with a fire opal gem stone. This MAN18 opal ring design is suitable for both men and ladies and the size of the center gem stone would decide the overall dimensions of this stunning jewel. This opal gem stone ring consists of two side gems of trillion shape and the side gems could be selected based on color or have a deeper meaning related to birth stones, anniversary gems etc. The design of this opal gold ring has been researched and takes the physical characteristics of the fire opal gem stone into consideration. You will therefore notice that, the center gem stone has been entirely bordered with gold, thus protecting the fire opal from side impact.

You can order this opal ring with the center gem stone as a white opal gem or, choose any other gem stone of your choice. A 14k opal ring in white gold or yellow gold would be more sturdy as compared to an 18k opal ring as, 14k gold is much harder than 18k gold.

custom opal ring, the cat ring with opal gem stone
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If you are looking for a moderately priced birthstone opal ring consider the RN001 opal cat ring. Your cat opal ring can be ordered in all sizes, every custom opal ring is made by some of the world's finest craftsmen. The image shows a sterling silver opal ring with a white opal gem stone. Our gemstone experts handpick and closely inspect every opal gemstone, the gemstone in your opal ring is then custom cut by skilled gemstone cutters. This is surely the cutest opal ring that you will find and depicts a cute cat in great detail. A birthstone opal ring enhances the meaning and significance of the ring. You could buy this custom opal ring for yourself or someone you love. The cat is one of the most popular pets with ladies, you could also consider this cat opal gem stone ring for a mother's ring.

Your white opal ring can be ordered in gold or silver and you get good quality craftsmanship for both options. If you prefer the cat opal ring in gold, you should know that 14k gold is harder than 18k gold and therefore more durable. You can also retain the design of this cute cat ring and choose any other gemstone for the center.

custom sterling silver fire opal ring
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The cat opal ring is available with all gemstone options and one of these is the fire opal gemstone. Your fire opal ring can have a fire opal gemstone that ranges in color from, a very light orange to a more deep orange that has shades of red. A fire opal gemstone has the maximum transparency and clarity as compared to any other type of opal. Our gemstone experts will handpick and inspect every gemstone that is used in these opal rings. Skilled gemstone cutters custom cut the opal gemstone for your custom opal ring. The RN001 fire opal ring can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. Some of our finest craftsmen work on both, gold and silver fire opal rings. This means that you get the same high quality craftsmanship for gold or sterling silver fire opal rings.

The cat fire opal ring will appeal to jewelry lovers and animal lovers. Few cat rings depict the complete cat and the RN001 does this with intricate detail. Since both gold and silver options are available, you can choose the metal for your opal ring depending on your budget. This gorgeous animal opal ring is suitable for people of all ages and will make a perfect jewelry gift.

fire opal gemstone ring, the Claddagh ring
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Another stupendous opal ring from Kaisilver. The RG227 is the world's best rendition of the claddagh ring and will make a gorgeous opal birth stone ring. Your fire opal ring will have a handpicked and custom cut gemstone. You could order this as a gold or silver opal gemstone ring. Since every claddagh opal ring is custom made, metal weight is kept proportionate to the ring size and gemstone dimension. This works to your advantage as, the opal gemstone is mounted with sufficient gold or silver. The fire opal is one of the few opal gemstone types that has good transparency. The color of the fire opal in your opal ring can range from, very pale orange to deeper shades of reddish orange. The fire opal claddagh ring is priced the same as the white opal claddagh ring.

Kaisilver is one of the very few jewellers who, will gladly make a good quality opal ring for you in gold or sterling silver. Opals are carefully picked and inspected before being custom cut. Choosing the claddagh opal ring as a birthstone ring will, enhance the meaning of your birthstone ring. The white opal or fire opal gemstone can be used as birthstones, choose the gemstone depending on your preference.

Claddagh white opal ring in white gold
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We have shown the RG228 claddagh white opal ring for a specific reason. It is a classic example of how a white gold opal ring can look gorgeous even, with a white opal gemstone. The gemstone used in this custom opal ring has a subtle color play and color flash effect. These specks of color, look gorgeous against the background of the white opal gem stone. This adds to the beauty and delicate look of the RG228 claddagh white opal gemstone ring. A low grade white opal would have no color flash or color play, it would end up looking like a piece of dull plastic. Make sure that, the white opal gemstone in your opal ring has some life in it. The protective mounting of the gemstone in this design, is perfectly suited for an opal ring.

Kaisilver opal rings are custom made with, gemstones procured directly from opal miners. Our gemstone experts closely inspect hundreds of opal gems before picking the best ones. Skilled gemstone cutters then custom cut each gemstone to perfectly fit the gold or silver mountings. You can choose a white opal, fire opal or even black opal gemstone for your ring.

Custom gold princess ring with opal gem stone.
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The RG109 shows a stunning antique opal ring, the ring is one of the most popular Asian rings and is referred to as the princess ring. This opal ring design is based on an ancient royal jewel from the then rich Asian countries. Your custom princess opal gem stone ring can combine any gemstone of your choice. It was considered to be a ring fit for a princess, Kaisilver retains the antique touch of this opal jewel. The RG109 is a custom opal ring made with excellent gold weight and craftsmanship. Each gem stone is carefully hand picked and custom cut by some of the world's finest craftsmen. You will notice the color sparkles on the skilfully cut opal gems that are set all around the ring.

Your Asian princess opal gem stone ring can be made in gold or sterling silver. We will provide the same care and attention for gold and silver opal rings. While a yellow gold opal ring would look more appropriate for antique designs, you can order your ring as a white gold opal gem stone ring too. Each custom opal ring is made with a metal weight, that is proportionate to the ring size and dimensions of that specific ring.

custom opal ring, white opal and diamond rings
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A stunning opal diamond ring with diamonds. This custom opal gem stone ring is shown here with white opals but, you can choose to have fire opals or even pink opal gem stones set in your ring. Given the light color of white opal stones, yellow gold is quite popular for such rings. The handpicked and custom cut opals from Kaisilver can be set in yellow or white gold opal stone rings, the choice is yours. The GMR12 is a custom opal ring with large dimensions supported by a healthy metal weight.

Though this Kaisilver custom opal gem ring is shown with all white opal gems, you can combine gems when you order the ring. For example, a round center pink tourmaline could be surrounded by what opals. The shape, size and even type of gemstones in your ring can be decided by you. Since every yellow or white gold opal gemstone ring is completely custom made, there is no limit to the ring size. Like always, options for both 14k and 18k gold opal stone rings are available.

Now Offering Natural Pink Opal As An Option
natural pink opal gem stone.

Natural pink opal gemstone is now being offered as an option for our custom opal gem stone rings. This opal gem is mined in Peru and sent directly to our cutting centers from the mines. The color is natural and untreated. Pink opals are a pale pastel shade of pink and opaque. The do not show color play or flashing specks. The price option for this gem, would belong to the first group of gems in our pricing table.

Caring For Opal Rings

Many of the suggestions that we provide below will be applicable for all gem stone jewelry and not just opal rings. However, there are a few issues that directly relate to the nature of the opal gem stone and will be useful and interesting to those of you who have any opal gem stone jewel. With a few precautions, you can be the proud owner of opal jewelry that retains it's awesome beauty for many years to come.

Beware Of Opal Dehydration: This might seem to be a strange suggestion when talking about caring for opal rings and other opal gem stone jewelry, however the fact is that, most of the beauty and color flashes of the opal gem stone are a direct result of the moisture in opals. Exposure to heat and storage in dry and airtight places including secure safe deposit vaults can cause the opal gem stone to lose moisture and dehydrate. Even the most stunning opal rings would appear dull and lifeless when the opal loses moisture and dehydrates.

The design of your opal ring: Despite the fact that opals are not very sturdy gems, the almost hypnotic beauty of the gemstone has made it a hot favourite for high end jewels. The opal gemstone in your opal ring will have a hardness of around 5.5 to 6 on the Moh's scale of hardness. The gemstone is also brittle by nature and needs to be protected from both frontal and side impact. Design for opal rings need to keep this in mind and a good design would have the opal gem bordered in gold. Besides this, keep the gemstone at a low profile and do not allow the opal to protrude out too much from the mounting. Kaisilver jewelry designs are thoroughly researched by a team of expert designers, gemstone experts and craftsmen thus providing the best options for your custom jewelry.

Storing your opal ring: The main issue when storing your opal rings or other jewelry with opals is to ensure that the moisture in the gemstone would not dry up. Storing them in a dry safety vault might keep them away from thieves, but would cause the opals to dry up. Similarly, the idea of storing your opal ring in a tightly sealed plastic bag is alo not advisable. The easiest way to store opal rings would be to keep them in a container or plastic bag along with a small piece of damp cloth. This will ensure that the environment is not completely dry and will also help to retain moisture in the opal gem stone.

Wearing opal rings: It appears that opal gem stone rings love to be worn, this is because they absorb moisture from the air and skin and thus protect the opal from drying up. At the same time, do not wear your opal ring when doing a lot of physical work as the gem stone needs to be protected from impact. You need to take special care for opal ring designs where the borders of the gem stone are exposed. Similarly opal rings with the gemstone protruding high above the ring, are more prone to getting the opal gem physically damaged.

Avoid drastic temperature changes: This suggestion relates to the rate at which the temperature that your opal ring is exposed to changes. The opal gem stone can withstand warm temperatures or cool temperatures but you need to avoid a situation where, the opal ring suddenly moves from a warm heated room out into the freezing cold. There are unverified reports of how a fire opal gemstone cracked (with a crackling sound!) when the lady wearing the opal pendant moved from, the warmly heated room out into the snow. You might consider covering the opal ring with a cloth or fabric (hands in your pocket would help), when moving into an area where there would be drastic temperature changes. This would give the opal gemstone time to adjust to the temperature change and the ring could then be gradually uncovered.

Cleaning opal rings: Avoid ultrasonic cleaners or chemical solutions when cleaning opal rings or other opal gemstone jewelry. Opals do not have much tolerance for chemicals and the best way to clean your opal gem stone ring would be to, clean it in slightly warm water with a very very weak and mild soap solution. It is a good idea not to leave your opal ring soaked in water and this would be all the more applicable for, opal doublet rings and rings that have opal inlay.

Opal ring with doublets: Given the fact that the opal gem stone is not very strong and is quite brittle, jewellers often make opal doublets where a small backing is provided to the opal gem stone. The opal is stuck to the backing using a special type of glue and the backing could be a piece of onyx, opal or other material. This is referred to as an opal doublet and the backing also helps to enhance the color play effect of opals. If your opal ring uses an opal doublet, avoid soaking the ring in water as this could cause the glue to weaken. There is another process where opal triplets are made by, providing a backing and also covering the front portion (face of the opal gem) by a thin sheet of glass or quartz. This process tries to increase the strength of the opal gem stone and also protects the gem stone from losing moisture. Triplet opal rings should also not be soaked in water as, this might cause the glue to dissolve and weaken.

Opal rings with inlay: Opal inlay rings are made using a special production procedure. In such rings, the opal gem stone is sawn into thin pieces and stuck into grooves that are made in the gold mounting. The opal is stuck using a special glue and the mounting is then given sufficient time to dry. In the final phase of production, the gold mounting along with the opal gemstone (that is now stuck on the mounting) are polished together. The result is an opal ring where, the opal gem needs neither prongs nor a gold border to be set. An opal inlay ring is most often made by including another gem stone like emerald, sapphire or tanzanite as the center gem stone. The inlay process is done only for the opal gemstone and the other gems are set the traditional way. The use of glue to stick the opal on the mounting means that, opal inlay rings cannot be soaked in water as this could cause the glue to dissolve and become ineffective.

If you need more information: At Kaisilver we believe in keeping the buyer well informed and then allowing them to make a well informed decision. You will therefore find that we disclose a lot of information that other sellers would not dare reveal as they fear losing orders. You are under no obligation to make any purchase from us and can always get the benefit our expertise by emailing us all your doubts and queries at sales@kaisilver.com We will provide clear and simple answers to all queries and you will never be pressurized into placing an order with us.

Awesome Buyer Feedback : Kaisilver is the world's largest online provider of high end custom jewelry. Our buyers include fashion models, TV news readers, members of the U.S and U.K armed forces, hotel and resort owners and people from all walks of life. Over 5,000 buyers from 17 nations rely on Kaisilver for their jewelry and gemstone requirements. We do not indulge in high pitched sales talk and pulsating advertising campaigns. We rely completely on buyer feedback and recommendations for our business. Click Here to read some buyer testimonials and you will realize why, we are rated as the top online source for high end custom jewelry.

Who Is Kaisilver?

The Name You Can Trust: Kaisilver is the world's largest online provider of high end custom jewellery. Our buyers include fashion models, news readers, hotel and resort owners, members of the U.S and U.K armed forces, business professionals and doctors. We are directly networked to all the leading gemstone producers in over 15 nations. Over 3,500 skilled craftsmen and 5 of the best designers work on all Kaisilver orders.

All our jewelry is custom made in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. You can choose from yellow or white gold and all gemstone options are available. Since each piece is individually made, all design modifications are available. You can even send us images of your favourite designs to be custom made.

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Do not hurry to place your order with us. We would like you to make a well informed decision and would like to answer all your queries and doubts before you place your order. It would have been easy for us to install an online order and payment module on our website and take advantage of those impulse orders from buyers. But that is not our intention and we prefer to be on your side rather than act like a pushy seller. Firstly, send all your queries and doubts to us at sales@kaisilver.com A team of designers and craftsmen answer all queries and you will get no high pitched sales talk. We will guide you through the process of making a decision and then give you time to make up your mind. This is an outdated method of doing online business but we have preferred to keep things this way.

Payment can be made through Paypal and our email for paypal is info@kaisilver.com We are International Verified Premium Account holders with paypal so you can bid with confidence. You can register for a free paypal account at http://www.paypal.com We also accept payments through Western Union Money Transfers and International Money Orders in U.S$. Let us know if you prefer these modes of payment and we will provide details for the same. In most cases, your local bank would help you with the Western Union Money Transfers.

Shipping charge is 25 U.S$ and merchandise will be shipped within 4 to 5 weeks of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We need this time due to the high degree of skilled craftsmanship required and the custom cutting of every gemstone that we use. We will never hurry your order by compromising on quality of material or craftsmanship. The best way to have your Kaisilver jewelry in time is to order it sufficiently in advance.

Kaisilver Buyer Testimonials
I received the pendant today and am absolutely thrilled. It is extraordinarily beautiful. My mom will be overjoyed. Your help, attention to detail, timeliness and overall kindness were truly above and beyond my expectations and highly unusual in the world today. Thank You Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Truly Yours, Ms.Monika Schwarz, IN, U.S.A

Hello, My wife was absolutely over the moon with her two pendants. I gave her the Ruby pendant on our anniversary and she was delighted.....the Swiss blue Brazilian Topaz Pendant I gave her on her birthday, and she was in tears that people from so far away and who did not know her could be so kind to her and she sends you her thanks and good wishes. Mr.Ron Gairns, US.

The ring arrived today! It is amazing! The ring fits perfect and is the best cat ring I have ever seen. I will be sure and leave feedback. Thank you! This is a wonderful blessing and I know I could never find anything like this is the US. You have done wonderful work! Ms. Donna Wood, U.S

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