Sapphire Diamond Ring

Gold Or 925 Silver Diamond And Sapphire Ring

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Cushion cut stones add a sophisticated look to your style with in an effortless way. Blue sapphires have been treated as a status symbol since ancient times. Crystal healers claim that wearing a blue sapphire implies honesty and sincerity. Science has today proved the existence of sapphires in some amazing colors, but blue continues to dominate the trend. This sapphire ring is set with a cushion sapphire in the center. By maintaining a 6mm gem size and 2.5mm round diamonds, the ring gets a luxury look. The human eye seems diamonds that are almost half the size of the center gem.

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Buying a sapphire diamond ring involves a challenging equation, you need to balance size, quality and price. By maintaining a modest size format for this ring, we have optimized all the variables in your favor. The band is kept solid with no scooping done inside, this is what adds toughness to the jewel. Sapphire is one of the hardest gems to be used in jewelry. It comes second to only diamonds which are rated as the hardest known stones.

While this sapphire and diamond ring is very modestly priced, it will serve you well as an engagement or wedding ring. Many style gurus claim that it was royal patronage from the British palace that boosted the demand for sapphire, our experts beg to differ. The demand for sapphire has been impressive all through history, this encouraged gem prospetors to search for the precious gem in ever corner of the globe. It is always a good idea to pick a sapphire gem based on appearance. Once you have identified a sapphire gem or ring that interests you, insist on getting a gem authentication certificate when you make the purchase.

The RG800 sapphire ring from Kaisilver is made to order, we can therefore accommodate all design modifications. You could for example, request for the same ring to be custom made with a round or oval gemstone. And if you have a specific design in mind, email us the images or sketches. We will work with you for the final specifications and send you a price quote for the same. We provide options for gold and sterling silver, uniform quality is maintained for both metals. For the sapphire gold ring, prices are quoted for 14k and 18k gold, request for 10k pricing if you prefer that. You always have a choice of yellow, white and pink gold to choose from.

Sapphire rings are great as a self purchase, you deserve to own at least a few. And when it is time to gift a jewel to someone, a quality blue sapphire ring like the RG800 should be a top contender. For those lucky men on course to tying the all important knot, sapphire rings are top favorites. September babies have sapphire as their birthstone, this gem makes a special connection with them. Sapphire repeats itself twice on the anniversary gemstone charts, it is worn to mark the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries. A gemstone like sapphire with a tremendous history, does not need any special occasion to be worn.


How To Buy: It is never a good idea to buy a jewel without knowing all the details, many jewelers prefer to provide bare information and hurry the buyer into making a purchase. We would encourage you to read the Kaisilver RG800 Sapphire Ring Report. Clear details and options have been provided, specifications related to metal weight, gem and diamond sizes etc are clearly explained. Our support experts at will be glad to provide you with clarifications and suggestions, so do not hesitate  to get in touch. We can also craft a gold or 925 silver sapphire ring for you with, your own design concept. Send us images or sketches and we can work the details and pricing together.


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